Skeleton Hunter


We started off 2015 with a game jam! For Voice of Geeks Network’s VOGJam 1, the theme was “A Buggy Game.” For this, I made Skeleton Hunter, a very buggy NES-style platformer and the prequel to my Ludum Dare 25 game Skeleton’s Revenge. I made the game from scratch in HTML5 and Javascript so I could make it broken in all the right ways.

We recommend playing this game in Google Chrome for its gamepad support.

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skeletonhunter-2 skeletonhunter-3
skeletonhunter-4 skeletonhunter-5

We’re Back With Three Ludum Dare Games!


Hello, world! After a year and a half without updates, we finally have news to post here. We’ve been scouting out new development environments, but struggled to find platforms with good support for 2D games and multiple platforms. Last month, the solution came when Unity released a new set of native 2D tools. Mo³ has been hard at work learning Unity and I plan to pick it up too.

As for me, I’ve participated in three Ludum Dare compos. Ludum Dare posts a theme, and you have 48 hours to make a game about it. LD #23‘s theme was “Tiny World” so I made Asteroid Defender, a game where you drive around the surface of a small asteroid shooting at incoming bombs and repairing turrets. LD #25 had a theme “You are the Villain,” so I made Skeleton’s Revenge as a 2D platform game where you play as a common enemy type exploiting the advantages they have over common hero types. Finally, last weekend was LD #28 and the theme was “You Only Get One,” so I made Minigolf Exam, an 8-hole minigolf course where only your first attempt counts for score.


Minigolf Exam

8 hole test of pure skill
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Skeleton’s Revenge

Platforming role reversal


Asteroid Defender

Keyboard and mouse shooting

The site has received a few updates as well. We have a new Games page with links to all our completed projects, big and small, including the Ludum Dare games posted above. We now require an account to leave comments, but you can easily login with your Facebook or Google accounts on the login page or by using the “Login with…” section anywhere on the site. Finally, we have joined Facebook, and all posts on the front page will cross-post there from now on. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates on new Bakamo Studios projects!

Thong Girl v1.1 Released For Windows and Mac OS X!

It’s… Finally… Done!!!

This is it. What we’ve all been waiting for. The new release of Thong Girl the Video Game! It’s now available for both Mac and Windows, and demos for both operating systems can be downloaded with the buttons below.

I’m really excited about this one, so let me just walk you through some of the features we crammed into this release.

We tightened up some of the combat elements, made the AI slightly more competent, and fixed quite a few noticeable errors.
We’ve added a few more gameplay modes that can be accessed after you beat the game. Players diligent enough to play that long will have access to play any level at any difficulty to their heart’s content.
The High Score table is now available! Enter your name when starting the game and have your successes automatically sent off to our server as you play.
The Interface has had a MASSIVE overhaul. If you’ve seen the game at any of the conventions we’ve attended so far, you’re probably familiar with the changes we’ve made. But it’s much sharper than the original, and we think you’ll be really happy with the results.

Owners of the original version should have received emails with their download links for the new version. The new version can be installed right on top of the old installation. Start a new game and enter your name to begin submitting scores to the leaderboards.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we worked on making this game worthwhile, and we look forward getting started on our next project.

Codename: Mazelet


We’re Going To Conventions!

It’s been a while since we’ve said anything on the front page, right? Not to worry, since we’ll be out and about a lot more over the next couple months to bring something for everybody.

First up is A&G Ohio on March 9-11 in Mason, OH. A&G’s arcade music games are the best in Ohio, and any performance from the Protomen has us sold. At 9pm on Friday, we’ll be presenting our panel on “Creating Thong Girl the Video Game” in Panel Room 1. In this panel, we’ll be talking about our process of planning and designing the Thong Girl game and how we ignored all that when it came to production. Come and hear our advice and our warnings about getting started as a company and struggled to get our first project out the door.

Next weekend on March 16-18, we’ll be at Anime Punch Revoluticon back here in Columbus. We’ve been fans of Anime Punch’s college-aged atmosphere, and Revoluticon is all about the non-anime stuff anime fans like. Anime Punch takes their gaming very seriously. We’ll be bringing our “Creating Thong Girl the Video Game” panel here too, so keep an eye out for us on the schedule.

Mo³ and I will also be attending PAX East on April 6-8 in Boston, MA. We’re not there on official Bakamo Studios business, but it’s PAX! We can’t pass up a good chance to get in the biggest gathering of gamers on the east coast.

We’d like to give a shout out to the developers, artists, and players we met at Ohayocon and our meetings with the Central Ohio Gamedev Group. We showed off our game and got some good insight on tweaks we’re making to the upcoming Thong Girl version 1.1. Version 1.1 is complete and in testing now, so you’ll see another post here soon when it’s available.

A whole lot of updates!

We want to send a shout out to the staff at NerdPow this past weekend. They were very accommodating, and it goes without saying that the con was a Blast. I almost won the retro gaming tournament if it weren’t for DrMo and his cheating Tetrisy ways! However, Team BMS did sweep the whole tournament, so yeah, I’m still 50% awesome. We definitely plan on being at A & G Ohio in March. We’ll be getting an Artist Alley booth, so you’ll be able to pick up the game on site (but don’t expect it to be manned during the next retro-gaming challenge, I will have my revenge)!

Not to mention, we visited the Central Ohio Game Group, and it looks like I may be juggling yet another game project in the next few weeks. It’s looking to be pretty fun, and it may be a jumping point for some of our more ambitious projects in the future.

But to give an update on Thong Girl v1.1, of course, we aren’t done with it just yet. But this time we’ve got screenshots! Behold the new shiny things!

And we also have a twitter so you all can stalk us better! But we get to know who’s following us now, so prepare yourselves for counter-stalking!

We’re even working on a survey for everyone to take if they’ve played the demo, but aren’t convinced that the full version is worth it. We’d love to get your feedback, as we try to make the next version as good as it can be for everyone involved.

So yeah, we have been working a lot over the past few weeks. Hope to get moving on the second release and get the word out about our next project coming soon.

Version 1.1 on the way!

It’s been a while since the release since we’ve posted an update, but there’s been a lot going on that we’re anxious to tell you about. As many of our players already know, the fully-playable demo has three levels available, but the full version has much more to offer, including:

* 10+ levels of gameplay
* A complete story that unravels as you defeat more stages
* A vast assortment of new foes to encounter, including bosses
* Unlockable areas and bonuses.

We’re also on track to release an update to the current build of the game, absolutely free for anyone who already purchased it which will include:

* Online High Scores
* Improved Enemy AI
* Updated User Interface

The Macintosh version of the game will also be released alongside the update, so be on the lookout.

And finally, we’re announcing that the price for the game will be temporarily lowered from $5.00 to $2.50 for the month of October. Pick up a copy and tell your friends – this sale won’t last long.

Thong Girl for Windows Available Now!

After several years of development and agony, the wait is over! This is the platforming action-arcade beat-em-up you’ve been searching for. This is “that one game with the chick that fires lasers out of her butt!” This is the Adventures of Thong Girl, and the complete game for Windows is now available for $5.00. You should receive an email with the download link immediately after your purchase. Contact us if you don’t.

Our first project ever has been an amazing experience, and we think we’ve reached a major milestone as developers and as teammates, designing a full downloadable game and seeing it through to completion.

And in other news, we’ve posted a fixed version of Demo v2.1 for Mac. We sincerely apologize for the many issues we’ve had with our earlier Mac builds, and we invite you to try the fixed Mac demo and tell us what you think.

As always, check out for the latest in Thong Girl game news. If we add features or release updates, you can re-download the game for free at any time using the download links in your confirmation email. Also, Lucky Louie Productions is gearing up to release Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric on DVD, so visit for the history of the Thong Girl universe.


Thong Girl Demo v2.1 for Windows and Mac OS X!

This is it – Demo Version 2.1. The last demo we’re going to release before the big launch (that we’ve missed twice.) And with that, a Macintosh version of the demo is finally available for download and perusal! It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, and should work on both Intel and PowerPC processors. But seeing as this is our first attempt at building a game for a Mac, there is the possibility of errors in the installation or functionality of the game. If you run into any problems, let us know through email: contact (at) bakamostudios . com.


It looks like things are finally falling into place with distribution, so it looks like we should have the Windows version up and available for purchase within the next few days. Be sure to check back with us, as we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

But, it’s been a long haul – hopefully this is when we can call ourselves true game developers. Thanks for all your support.


Yet another delay of game penalty

Hello All.

I have been tasked with the unfortunate role of declaring why our game will not be available for purchase this evening, as promised.  Our release date will need to be pushed back to a “To be Determined” date in the future, due to unforeseen personal and administrative circumstances.  We understand the level of professionalism expected from a game developer, independent or otherwise, and we hope that those interested will possibly subscribe to our news feed, or check back with us in the future as we hope to have a successful launch in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Release Date Announced, and We’re Posted on IndieDB!

Its been about 4 days, now, but we’ve gotten ourselves posted on, an independent game development community. We have quite a bit more marketing to do in the next few weeks and we’re trying to set up flyers around Columbus, so check out your local game stores if just so happen to be in the neighborhood.  We need enough support if we plan on lasting out there in the huge game-dev community.

On another note, we have been shooting for a August 18th release of the full version of the game, but that is starting to look unlikely. Its taking longer than we originally planned to get ourselves established as a business, and we want to have that taken care of before anyone stops in and buys our game. We’re now aiming for September 5th, so wish us luck.