A whole lot of updates!

We want to send a shout out to the staff at NerdPow this past weekend. They were very accommodating, and it goes without saying that the con was a Blast. I almost won the retro gaming tournament if it weren’t for DrMo and his cheating Tetrisy ways! However, Team BMS did sweep the whole tournament, so yeah, I’m still 50% awesome. We definitely plan on being at A & G Ohio in March. We’ll be getting an Artist Alley booth, so you’ll be able to pick up the game on site (but don’t expect it to be manned during the next retro-gaming challenge, I will have my revenge)!

Not to mention, we visited the Central Ohio Game Group, and it looks like I may be juggling yet another game project in the next few weeks. It’s looking to be pretty fun, and it may be a jumping point for some of our more ambitious projects in the future.

But to give an update on Thong Girl v1.1, of course, we aren’t done with it just yet. But this time we’ve got screenshots! Behold the new shiny things!

And we also have a twitter so you all can stalk us better! But we get to know who’s following us now, so prepare yourselves for counter-stalking!

We’re even working on a survey for everyone to take if they’ve played the demo, but aren’t convinced that the full version is worth it. We’d love to get your feedback, as we try to make the next version as good as it can be for everyone involved.

So yeah, we have been working a lot over the past few weeks. Hope to get moving on the second release and get the word out about our next project coming soon.