Thong Girl

Bakamo Studios’s first project is the Adventures of Thong Girl! The Adventures of Thong Girl combines classic 2D beat-em-up platforming with high-scoring arena action. Help our scantily clad super heroine defeat wave after wave of roid-raging bodybuilders, antipathetic teenagers, and gun-toting gangstas. Join in the fun with Thong Girl as she works her butt off to get to the bottom of the riots plaguing Music City. The full game is available now for Windows and Mac OS X.


System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 with latest service packs
or Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
1.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM (1GB for Vista/7)
OpenGL or DirectX compatible accelerated 3D video card
Recommended Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 with latest service packs
or Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
2.0 GHz processor
nVidia or ATI accelerated 3D video card
Default Controls Command Moves
Arrow keys Walk, Jump Tap Left or Right twice Run
C Punch, Confirm in menus Down+C Down+Punch Smash
X Kick, Cancel in menus Down+X Down+Kick Slide Kick
Z Spin, Fly while in air Down+Z Down+Spin Drop Down
Space Butt Laser C+Z Punch+Spin Grab
P Pause X+Z Kick+Spin Back Kick


Before you begin the game, you may want to check out the options menu. Here you can configure the controls and adjust the game’s difficulty by adjusting Thong Girl’s maximum health.

Playing the game:

Stage select:
At the beginning, Thong Girl only has access to a few areas in which to execute justice. Upon completing levels and earning medals, other areas will become available. The scoring requirements for medals are different for each stage.

Clearing a stage:
Usually, Thong Girl just needs to defeat all the waves of enemy crime in an area. Occasionally, Thong Girl may encounter a would-be villain and the stages success depends on their defeat. If your Mojo runs out, it’s lights out for Thong Girl…but since she is a super hero she will get another chance to keep Music City safe.

About phases:
Each stage has enemies that appear in waves, or phases. Each wave of enemies has a time limit. The faster you defeat the enemies in the current wave, the more “bonus” time you will earn for the next wave. The color of the phase can be blue, green, yellow, or red depending on how quickly you finish it. The amount of waves and enemies is dependent on the current difficulty of the stage/game. Try to clear as many waves as possible as fast as possible. It is possible to end a phase in blue, but only a true superhero will be able to achieve this.

About difficulty:
The difficulty of the game has two main factors: the amount of life the player set in the options and the current difficulty of the game. Each time Thong Girl clears a stage and gains medals, the games difficulty will increase. If Thong Girl is defeated, the game’s difficulty will drop.

Basics on scoring:
To go for high scores, beat each wave as fast as possible, don’t get hit, and decrease your maximum health in Options. You will earn bonuses at the end of a stage for the difficulty settings you’re playing it on. The exact workings of this are a mystery, even for Thong Girl. If she is defeated, her total score will be halved.

Hints & Tips
* Try to string Thong Girl’s attacks into a combo. You can keep your combo going by moving from enemy to enemy, so be sure to keep moving after you’ve defeated one.
* If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, try a Spin to give yourself room or do a Slide attack to escape.
* Crowd control is very important. Throw enemies into other enemies to keep them at bay. You can knock enemies off of ledges to make room and line up combos.
* Some enemies will try to block Thong Girl’s attacks. Use high-impact moves like the Windmill Smash and Butt Laser to crush their defenses.
* Thong Girl can hold up to three panties at a time, so don’t be afraid to use the Butt Laser.
* A small amount of health will be returned if you complete a wave quickly – move fast.

Based off the characters of THONG GIRL –
Lucky Louie Productions

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