We’re Going To Conventions!

It’s been a while since we’ve said anything on the front page, right? Not to worry, since we’ll be out and about a lot more over the next couple months to bring something for everybody.

First up is A&G Ohio on March 9-11 in Mason, OH. A&G’s arcade music games are the best in Ohio, and any performance from the Protomen has us sold. At 9pm on Friday, we’ll be presenting our panel on “Creating Thong Girl the Video Game” in Panel Room 1. In this panel, we’ll be talking about our process of planning and designing the Thong Girl game and how we ignored all that when it came to production. Come and hear our advice and our warnings about getting started as a company and struggled to get our first project out the door.

Next weekend on March 16-18, we’ll be at Anime Punch Revoluticon back here in Columbus. We’ve been fans of Anime Punch’s college-aged atmosphere, and Revoluticon is all about the non-anime stuff anime fans like. Anime Punch takes their gaming very seriously. We’ll be bringing our “Creating Thong Girl the Video Game” panel here too, so keep an eye out for us on the schedule.

Mo¬≥ and I will also be attending PAX East on April 6-8 in Boston, MA. We’re not there on official Bakamo Studios business, but it’s PAX! We can’t pass up a good chance to get in the biggest gathering of gamers on the east coast.

We’d like to give a shout out to the developers, artists, and players we met at Ohayocon and our meetings with the Central Ohio Gamedev Group. We showed off our game and got some good insight on tweaks we’re making to the upcoming Thong Girl version 1.1. Version 1.1 is complete and in testing now, so you’ll see another post here soon when it’s available.