Thong Girl for Windows Available Now!

After several years of development and agony, the wait is over! This is the platforming action-arcade beat-em-up you’ve been searching for. This is “that one game with the chick that fires lasers out of her butt!” This is the Adventures of Thong Girl, and the complete game for Windows is now available for $5.00. You should receive an email with the download link immediately after your purchase. Contact us if you don’t.

Our first project ever has been an amazing experience, and we think we’ve reached a major milestone as developers and as teammates, designing a full downloadable game and seeing it through to completion.

And in other news, we’ve posted a fixed version of Demo v2.1 for Mac. We sincerely apologize for the many issues we’ve had with our earlier Mac builds, and we invite you to try the fixed Mac demo and tell us what you think.

As always, check out for the latest in Thong Girl game news. If we add features or release updates, you can re-download the game for free at any time using the download links in your confirmation email. Also, Lucky Louie Productions is gearing up to release Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric on DVD, so visit for the history of the Thong Girl universe.


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