Thong Girl Demo v2.1 for Windows and Mac OS X!

This is it – Demo Version 2.1. The last demo we’re going to release before the big launch (that we’ve missed twice.) And with that, a Macintosh version of the demo is finally available for download and perusal! It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, and should work on both Intel and PowerPC processors. But seeing as this is our first attempt at building a game for a Mac, there is the possibility of errors in the installation or functionality of the game. If you run into any problems, let us know through email: contact (at) bakamostudios . com.


It looks like things are finally falling into place with distribution, so it looks like we should have the Windows version up and available for purchase within the next few days. Be sure to check back with us, as we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

But, it’s been a long haul – hopefully this is when we can call ourselves true game developers. Thanks for all your support.


1 thought on “Thong Girl Demo v2.1 for Windows and Mac OS X!

  1. The game seemed entertaining because I got to play as a scantily clad super hero girl who gets to put the beatdown on hoes,pimps,gangsters and thugs in a refreshing beat em style of play that seems rare these days.If you want a break from overly serious games this will make you LOL with dialogue and a rather unique special move that will put a smile on anyones face the first time they see it.Can’t wait to see the final version guys,keep up the good work.

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