CORGS Con – Complete / Mo³’s First blog ever

Hello Everyone.

This is my first attempt at blogging, ever, anywhere… Hopefully it’s not my last.  For my first post I want to thank everyone who took time to visit us at CORGS Con this past weekend.  The turnout was amazing and  we’re really excited to get this company up and running, and starting on all the awesome ideas we have.

“This past weekend?!  What the heck took you so long to say something!?” </expected response>

Well, making a video game is kinda time consuming, and working a full time job is more so.  Rest assured that I’ll be a bit better about posting in the future.  But we’ve taken all of your input into consideration and have been working on getting as much of it into the game as possible.  The game is still on schedule to be released next month, so we’ll keep you updated here.

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